The Learning from Gulf Cities initiative is a long-term research launched by Harvey Molotch (New York University) and Davide Ponzini (Politecnico di Milano) for reconsidering the approach and examining the evolving urban dynamics in the Persian Gulf region. Scholarly workshops in Abu Dhabi, New York and Milan have taken up its themes. Among the results are two exhibitions in Abu Dhabi and New York and an edited book titled The New Arab Urban: Gulf Cities of Wealth, Ambition and Distress by NYU Press.

NYUAD, Abu Dhabi
November 13th, 2017
Politecnico di Milano, Milan
February 21st, 2017
NYU, New York City
March 31st, 2016
NYUAD, Abu Dhabi
December 7-8th 2015
Learning from gulf cities: A Region without Urbanism? Held at Politecnico di Milano Year

Harvey Molotch (New York University)


Guido Guerzoni (Bocconi University)
Laura Lieto (Federico II University of Naples)
Serena Vicari (University of Milano-Bicocca)
Historical Memory and Coca-Cola: Reflections on the Arabian Gulf Cities.Held at New York University Abu Dhabi Year


Nasser Rabbat, Aga Khan Professor, MIT
Old Centers, New Centers: Architecture, Representation, and the Arab City.Held at NYU New York University Year


Amale Andraos, Dean, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP)
Learning from Gulf Cities 2017 – Abu Dhabi
December, 2017
Learning from Gulf Cities 2016 – New York City
March – April, 2016


Harvey Molotch (New York University)
Davide Ponzini (Politecnico di Milano)

With support from

NYUAD Institute
NYU Institute for Public Knowledge
The NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery
Akkasah Center for Photography, NYUAD
Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of Politecnico di Milano