Members of the TAU-Lab are responsible for teaching several courses at the Politecnico di Milano within the various degree programmes of the School of Urban Architecture and Construction Engineering. These courses give us the opportunity to introduce students at the bachelor and master’s level to our research and engage them in addressing these issues within design laboratories and seminar courses. 

200+ students each year

across 4 courses

Smart Cities and Urban Innovation

The class aims at introducing students to basic understanding of urban innovation and the use of new technologies not only in narrow technical terms, but also in terms of their impacts onto urban policy and social organization at large. 

Urban Design Studio

The studio explores urban planning within current contexts characterized by a period of ongoing socio-economic transition that raises new questions about technical knowledge and local practice.  

Research Thematic Seminar

By investigating issues related to the close relationship between Architecture and Urban Design, the Thematic Research Seminar proposes topics for reflection in direct connection with the cultural contents of the Master Course and the definition of autonomous research topics.  

Urban Planning Studio 

The studio is an introduction to urban planning and design through the fundamentals of the discipline as critical analysis of both city and country at different scales, as knowledge of theories and best practices of urban design and spatial planning.