TAU-Lab is a transdisciplinary research unit in the field of urban, planning and architectural studies. It carries out research and higher education activities focusing on transnational urban and architectural forms, processes and trends. The activity of this group started in 2016 and unfolded in many research, education and dissemination programs.


Besides a general interest in transnational trends in contemporary cities and multiple facets of urban processes of globalization, the unit deals with the mobilities and trajectories of architectural and urban projects, of designers and with their implications for cities in different parts of the world.

Particular attention is paid to

  • Transnational competences of urban planning and development;
  • Transnational agents of urban and architectural design;
  • Transnational circulation of urban policy, masterplans, projects, models and technologies;
  • Contextualization of transnational forms, processes and trends in different places.

The main aim of TAU-Lab is to advance knowledge through theoretically-informed and empirically-sound research. In synergy with new research methods and findings, TAU-Lab aims at educating current and future architects, urban designers, planners, urban policy makers about the challenges and opportunities of working in a transnational environment. On this basis, TAU-Lab intends to foster public debate with reference to the relationship between the various transnational processes, agents, etc…, ┬áthat affect the local transformation of contemporary cities.


TAU-Lab constitutes a research environment that is critical but open to multiple approaches. It supports informed and targeted trespassing across the fields of urban planning, policy and architectural studies. It evolves by mixing available methods of research, teaching and dissemination.